Why Make A Will?

A Will helps you put your final affairs in order by directing exactly who should inherit your hard earned assets.

If you do not make a Will then the intestacy rules will apply which could see your money going to people you didn’t expect or them receiving amounts you wouldn’t wish. Without making a Will you have no control over who will benefit from your estate and can increase the risk of conflict within your family, leading to a court battle and costs running into the tens of thousands.

18055019_sBy making a Will you can ensure that your family (including spouse, children, partner and other relatives) and friends, and any particular charities or organisations, receive what you want them to from your assets, be that be that money, property or personal belongings.  A Will can also be used to specify funeral wishes and make arrangements for your pets.

A professionally drafted Will brings peace of mind, giving you control over your affairs and removes uncertainty for those left behind.

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