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With over 15 years of experience in role, Carly handles all our debt recovery cases, including business-to-business debts and debts owed by individuals. She offers a full litigation service to our clients and advises on enforcement procedures, insolvency and bankruptcy.

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Call for evidence to combat late payments to small businesses

November 2nd 2018

Mark Aspin, Director and Head of Dispute Resolution The government is urging businesses to highlight their experiences of late payment and put forward ideas to ensure earlier settlement, especially by large companies. One in four UK businesses say that late payments are a threat to their survival.  Research by the…

Government warns 10,000 businesses to pay SME invoices on time

May 3rd 2019

By Carly Davies Credit Control & Debt Recovery The government has written to 10,000 businesses to warn them they must pay their suppliers on time or risk being barred from winning public contracts. Officials from the Cabinet Office have written to the businesses – which include all the government’s current…

New measures being planned to ensure SMEs are paid on time

July 15th 2019

By Carly Davies Credit Conrtol & Debt Recovery The government is planning to ease the cash flow burden on small firms by making the boards of large companies accountable for late payments to suppliers. It is part of an ongoing effort to tackle the issue of late payment, which can…

New rules to ensure large firms pay promptly come into effect

October 21st 2019

New rules that mean large companies could lose lucrative government business if they don’t pay their suppliers on time have now come into force. The rules, effective from 1 September, mean companies must pay 95% of their invoices within 60 days or run the risk of losing out on major…