Employee benefits being scrapped

Joanne Stronach, Head of Employment and HR looks at the imminent removal of 2 employee benefits.

Fit for Work scheme

The Fit for Work assessment service is being scrapped from 31 March 2018 for England and Wales and from 31 May 2018 for Scotland.

Employers, employees and GPs will continue to be able to use the Fit for Work helpline and website for workplace health advice and support on sickness absence but the assessment service will no longer be available.

The service provided free access to an occupational health professional for people who were off work for four weeks or more but referral rates were very low with over 65% of GP’s never making a referral.

Childcare vouchers

Childcare vouchers are being closed to new members from April 2018 so if, as an employee, you will be better off using the old childcare voucher scheme rather than the new tax free childcare scheme you need to get signed up to a scheme fast as a salary deduction to childcare vouchers needs to have been made before 5 April 2018 for you to retain the option of remaining in the scheme after April.

Not all employers offer childcare vouchers and indeed, legally do not have to.

If as an employer you do, it’s in everyone’s interests if you alert all your parent employees to these two options, so your workers can make an informed decision about which option provides the best financial outcomes for their particular circumstances.

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