Give a Day 2019

For Give a Day to the City 2019 #TeamCartmells decided to split into teams and take on two projects to help out our local community.

On Wednesday 3rd July one team headed to Portland Square in Carlisle to revamp the gardens while the other team went to Oak Tree Animals’ Charity to help out with their improvements.

The Portland Square team were joined by Asda, Stan Sherlock Associates, Northern Assist, Harrison Northern and Bespoke Minds.

Cartmells Peter and Scott took charge of beautifying the gardens.  Scott took on the overgrown hedges and pruned them to perfection meanwhile our resident green thumb Peter wrangled the weeds and tidied up the planted gardens and flowerbeds.

The rest of the Cartmells team were on painting duty and tackled the expansive fences that envelop the entire square.  The railings had been sandblasted to remove the old paint before the repainting began. Lydia was in charge of the undercoat as well as painting the ornamental gold tops on the railing.  The rest of the painting crew worked on turning the many yards of shabby posts from peeling green to glossy black.

A lot of progress was made on the day and we are sure it will be looking even more fabulous by the end of the week!

Lydia spent the full day helping in the square and commented that her time there was a “fabulous day with fabulous people! It was lovely to see local people taking pride in the City we live in, it is amazing what can be achieve when we all work together! I felt really proud to be a part of Give a Day.”

The second team joined The Cumberland Building Society at Oak Tree Animals’ Charity to work through some improvements needed at their site.  Half of the team headed into the woods with their shears to clear a new pathway amongst the trees and create a space for a wildlife hideaway.  They then moved on to clearing back overgrown weeds and brambles from the existing paths, making the walkways more accessible to visitors.  

The remaining team worked on painting the walls surrounding the new dogs’ sensory haven a bright white to reflect the sunlight away and keep the pups nice and cool.

 It was fab to watch the dogs enjoying themselves in their little sanctuary and to see first-hand the effort Oak Tree put into taking care of the animals.

The lovely people at Oak Tree took the volunteers on a tour of the premises and it was fantastic to see all the improvements that have been made to benefit the animals in their care and very sobering to realise how all the amazing work they do would not be possible without volunteers and donations.  Cartmells have a longstanding relationship with Oak Tree and continue to support them in any way we can. We encourage others to seek out volunteer opportunities at the animal sanctuary; their plans for improvements are endless and the more help they receive determines how many animals they can save and care for.

Taylor spoke highly about her first time visiting the charity: “I had a great day at Oak Tree Animals’ Charity for Give a Day. It was great to see the amazing work they do and to give something back by helping to clear up the pathways.”

All in all, Cartmells thoroughly enjoyed Give a Day and look forward to participating in the years to come. It is so important to give back to our community and spending a day helping organisations and charities that rely on volunteers while meeting and working with other local businesses is something we are very proud to be a part of.

We hope to see more businesses in Carlisle commit to giving a day to the city next year and that this wave of good will continues to grow in our community!

#GiveADayHeroes #GiveADayCarlisle

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