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Helpful Guide Summarising Government Support for Businesses

November 20th 2020

Over the course of the year the government has responded to the devastating financial impact of Covid-19 on businesses with a number of packages of support to help businesses of all sizes.

Ranging from support to help pay employees and business owners, to grants and loans and also tax deferral schemes, the packages of support are wide reaching.

With the latest national lockdown, some of the support packages and measures have been extended, changed or replaced. 

To help the UK200Group of which Cartmell Shepherd Solicitors are proud members of, have created a handy guide for businesses of all sizes to understand the support available to them and to find out more, including links to apply for support under the various schemes.

The guide provides information about all the schemes under the headings:

  • Support to pay your employees and yourself;
  • Support with payment of taxes / rates; and
  • Access to funds / money – grants and loans.

You can access the full guide below:

Support Guide for Businesses – Nov2020

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