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How have you adapted to working from home during lockdown?

May 21st 2020

Alice Whittome Solicitor in our Wills, Probate and Inheritance team talks about how she has been coping during lockdown.

Where are you working from now?

I am working at home. I have an office upstairs which looks out onto our garden.  My fiancé, Robbie, and I have been slowly working our way around our house decorating it and luckily the office was one of the first rooms we decorated last year so it is a lovely place to work.

What has been most difficult about working remotely?

I enjoy the office environment and having colleagues around to talk to about work or even just what we have been up to at the weekend!  Robbie is a GP therefore is at work during the week so it is just me at home which can seem very quiet although I do have two miniature dachshunds who like to bark so it’s not complete silence!

What has been your biggest challenge?

I enjoy having face to face meetings with clients and it is a big part of being a private client solicitor.  Due to the coronavirus we have been unable to have face to face meetings for quite a while and I have missed having that personal interaction.   Although we are still providing a full service, we have had to adapt to do this in other ways.

Is there anything (work wise) that you wish you had with you?

The Haltwhistle office stationary cupboards! Whilst I do have stationary at home, it would be great to have the office cupboard here as it has everything you need whenever you need it!

What has been the most helpful thing you’ve learned?

I have learnt, even more so during this pandemic, that no matter what life throws at you, the support and help of friends, family, neighbours, colleagues and the community can really make a difference.

It has been amazing to see people pull together during this time both on a personal level and in the wider community such as seeing people like Captain (now Colonel) Tom Moore raising so much money for the NHS and the weekly clapping for our key workers.

I have also learnt that, after taking part in many virtual pub quizzes during lockdown, I need to improve my general knowledge!

What is the first thing you are going to do when you are out of lockdown?

Arrange a weekend to see my family! My parents and sisters live in the South East so either we will go down to visit them or they will come up to see us.

I have also missed football a lot during lockdown so I can’t wait to return to St James Park to watch Newcastle again although that may not be for quite a while yet!

If you would like to speak to Alice regarding her services please call her on 01434 32036.

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