What does the future look like for SMEs – UK200Group SME Poll

UK200 Group Poll: What does the future look like for your business?

Over the coming weeks, subject to the COVID-19 virus being under control, we are seeing a re-opening of the economy, sectors and SMEs, owner operated and family businesses. But we also know many remain closed due to ongoing lockdown restrictions. This will have implications for SMEs who form the backbone of the UK economy.

As members of the UK200Group we have the opportunity to provide our SME clients with a voice which we can amplify to the Government. We are especially concerned to make sure the Government is aware of the plight of SMEs as we move towards the next phase of the crisis.  With this in mind I am writing to invite you to participate in our one question poll to help us understand what the future looks like for your business. The feedback will be delivered directly to officials at relevant government departments next week. So if you want your voice heard, please take a few seconds to give us your answer to the poll question.

Please click here to participate in the poll.

The poll is open until 5pm on Thursday 25th June 2020.

I do hope you will be able to take a moment to participate.

Take Care

Peter Stafford Managing Director

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Throughout my claim, I felt completely confident that you had my best interests at heart. The advice you gave us throughout was clear and not misleading, and again I felt the advice given was best for me, not best for you or your firm.

Client 28th May 2015